Goals and Accomplishments


Quesnel Women’s Fall Challenge have been organizing this wellness event since 1994 and it just keeps getting better.  Beginning with only a handful of friends, our annual event has grown to an average of 650 participants…women of all ages, who either walk or run the minimum or the maximum.

It’s fun and people want to do it again!

In terms of fundraising, since 1998 Quesnel Women’s Fall Challenge has proudly supported the GR Baker Memorial Hospital’s Mammography Unit.


1998                   $600 for miscellaneous equipment

1999                   $2000 towards redecoration of Mammography unit

2000-2002     $23,500 was donated towards the purchase of a high transmission cellular grid for the existing mammography machine (purchased in 2003)

2003                  $10,000 was donated towards the purchase of window treatments, 2 lazy-boy chairs and a TV stand for the chemotherapy treatment room, day care unit.  For the Mammo Unit: 4 Milex breast models, Maxant mammo techline illuminator, 2 Kodak cassette/screens, contour wedge, digital thermometer, Techno-aide mammo screening set

2004                 $14,000 for the trust fund for the purchase of the digital maamography reading machine and $4,010 towards equipment; picture frames, educational tools

2005                  $13,000 to the trust fund and mammography tops purchased

2006                  $8,300 added to the trust fund and $2,705 towards a phantom and densitometer  for the Mammography unit

2007                  $13,000 added to the trust fund for the purchase of the digital mammography reading machine

2008                 A further $13,000 was added to the trust fund, in addition to $810 for supplies purchased for the Mammography unit

2009                  A further $15,500 added to the trust fund

2010                 $14,ooo added to the trust fund plus $1,100 donated for the purchase of mammography tops.

2011                  $12,500 added to the trust fund plus $1000 for the purchase of mammography tops

2012                  $18,000 added to the trust fund plus the purchase of a CD player for the mammography unit

2013                  $15,000 added to the trust fund

2014                   $20,000 added to the trust fund

Quesnel Women’s Fall Challenge (QWFC) assists the GR Baker Memorial Hospital’s Mammography Unit by making purchases that enable women to receive the best care when visiting the Unit.

QWFC believes that through better technology and resources, GR Baker Memorial Hospital can provide the women of Quesnel with mammography services comparable to those of larger centres.

QWFC donates directly to the GR Baker Memorial Hospital’s Mammography Unit.  This support provides special patient gowns, testing equipment and educational tools for the Mammography Unit.

Our long term goal is to purchase a digital mammography unit.  The greatest benefit will be improvement in image storage and transmission because images can be stored and sent electronically.  The limitation of film is that it can’t be altered from its original state versus digital images, which like any computer software, allows contrast and latitude to be tweaked.  An analogy is comparing the ability to photo edit images and print pictures at Wal Mart: Which is easier? Images taken from your camera’s memory card or the film version from your camera?

Screening mammograms are done in Quesnel, read by the Prince George Radiologists (who read all screening mammograms in Northern Health) and stored in Prince George.  Digital will allow them to be sent electronically.

Diagnostic mammograms are also performed in Quesnel on either Tuesday or Wednesday when Radiologists are on-site.  Prior to performing a diagnostic mammograms all previous mammograms are requested to be sent to be on-site for comparative purposes as change is significant for diagnosis. In the digital world, they can be sent electronically and be on-site when needed instantly. This will expedite diagnostic bookings, alleviating the stress of waiting for previous mammograms to arrive by mail or courier.

Number of women screened in Quesnel’s mammography unit:

1999-2000            263 patients

2000-2001            929 patients

2001-2002          1058 patients

2002-2003          1065 patients

2003-2004          1024 patients

2004-2005          1138 patients

2005-2006          1304 patients

2006-2007          1426 patients

2007-2008          1488 patients

2008-2009          1434 patients

2009-2010          1405 patients

2010-2011           1400 patients

2011-2012           1420 patients

2012-2013           1339 patients

Cheryl Muhle, former Chief Technologist, Medical Imaging, GR Baker Memorial Hospital tracked participation rates in Quesnel over time, and surrounding areas and shared the following information; participation rates are 41.7%, which is below the BC average of about 50% participation.  The fixed centre in Quesnel is still under-used.  Currently there is no wait-time for a screening mammogram.  It’s such a shame to have this fabulous, life-saving service freely available to BC women; it is not been used to its full advantage.

Your involvement as a participant, volunteer or sponsor brings us closer to our goal of purchasing a digital mammography unit.  Let’s achieve this goal and set another goal to increase our participation rates in Quesnel!


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